Dear friends,

We are pleased to welcome you to our 2013 Event, the International Meeting of the Portuguese water dog. We have chosen the theme “ONE BREED, ONE DOG” as main directive for our works.

We hope to reach at the end of this meeting some worthwhile conclusions concerning this Portuguese fisherman breed that has been at a time so close to extinction and has been saved through the efforts of several individuals and institutions.

During the five days we have dedicated to the Portuguese Water Dog, we will follow its  journey through the work at sea, its history, the health and genetics issues as well as the differences in trimming and grooming. We will dedicate a whole day discussing the standards points and the major existing differences in look and construction.

There are many different interpretations of the original standard which was  published by the Clube Portugues de Canicultura  (CPC) in 1936 . In fact nowadays the breed has 4 different official standards: the Canadian, the British UK, the American and the FCI standard. The last one which is in use in all the FCI countries, was revised by the CPC in 2007 and published by the FCI in 2009.

The Portuguese Water Dog is one of Portugal’s National Treasures, an ancient breed deeply connected to our land and our people, a breed we Portuguese are proud to call OURS

We, the CPC (Portuguese Kennel Club) ,  as official representative of the country of origin of the Portuguese Water Dog , hope to pass the message during the meeting that we are prepared to listen, to fill or overcome the existing gaps and are willing to join efforts towards a better mutual understanding of this breed.

We think that what is at stake in this meeting is not a question of initiating a fighting match between “YOU and US”, it is a question of  making PWD breeders from all over the world even more aware of what this breed was and is about.  It is a question of establishing a link of communication between all, a gateway towards understanding the past, and therefore shaping the future for this breed.

“What nature has created for a purpose let no man destroy for pride or vanity”

 We want this International Meeting to be a cultural and festive event as well as a learning experience for all participants. We hope to receive you, breeders, Judges or simply fans, from all over the world in the beautiful Algarve coast, the birth cradle of the Portuguese Water Dog! Portuguese people, are very appreciative of our dog breeds and ready to welcome you all to this great event.

Carla Molinari
January 2013