Rui Oliveira

Rui Oliveira FOTO

He is a member of the Portuguese Kennel Club’s Technical Committee. He started his dog activity in 1975 showing his father’s Pointers.

Since then he became a consistent exhibitor and breeder, he started judging in 1983. Nowadays he is an FCI All Breeds Judge.

He has judged in almost every country in Europe, South America (several countries), Australia and Asia (several countries).

He is also approved by The Kennel Club to award CC’s in some important breeds. He has judged in this country (UK) the Pointer Club Championship Show, the Southern Pointer Club Championship Show, breed to which he is related.

Has he also judged in major FCI Events, such as the World Dog Show 1995 Brussels, among others, specially referring the World Dog Show 2011, in Paris where he judged the Portuguese Water Dog.

He is also appointed for the WDS 2013, in Budapest, where he will be judging the Hound Group.

He is especially involved with two portuguese breeds, the Portuguese Pointing Dog and the Portuguese Water Dog.

He has closely follow the Portuguese Water Dog since the 1970’s in a historical sense, as well as a co-breeder and handler during a few years.

The PWD is his favorite portuguese breed, that is why he is here; with his experience and knowledge, expecting to learn with all of you and to work with you to “find” This Breed, This Dog.